160 West End Avenue, Suite 1N
New York, New York  10023
Robert W. Gunn, Ph.D.
WELCOME to my virtual suite where I will introduce you to my work as a psychotherapist and related opportunities for your life journey.

Is Psychotherapy for you?

Psychotherapy is a rich and essential resource in dealing constructively with certain common life situations. My way of working includes classical Psychoanalytic-oriented Psychotherapy (Freudian-based), Analytical Psychology, Object Relations, and Self Psychology.  I work with individuals, couples and groups.

Areas for which Psychotherapy can be helpful include:

Self Realization (living life to the fullest; accomplishment of your goals)

Life Transitions (including loss and grief, trauma, marriage, divorce, among others) 

Personal or Marital Cross Cultural Issues              Sexual Identity and Orientation

Anxiety and Depression                                 Vocational Direction and Clarification

Couple Counseling                                                                  Pre-marital Counseling                             

Intersection of Psychological and Spiritual Journeys

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